961 Series

Features common to all Norton Commando 961 models

​Norton is, and always will be a premium priced motorcycle with an emphasis on the quality of materials and attention to detail ─ designed and engineered for superior road manners and exceptional road holding. We are proudly British. More than 80% of a Norton’s individual parts are ‘Made in England’, and combine with some of the best components available.


  • Fuel injected 961cc 18° Canted parallel twin
  • Dry sump
  • Hydraulically actuated valves
  • Roller rocker arms
  • Gear driven counter-balancer
  • Computer controlled fuel injection
  • Transmission
  • Cassette constant mesh five speed
  • Hydraulically actuated multi-plate clutch
  • 525 o-ring chain


  • Cold drawn chrome moly 4130 steel
  • Integral oil reservoir
  • 24.5° rake
  • specially finished fork crowns
  • Built by skilled craftsmen in-house
  • Ohlins 36PRCLB rear shocks
  • Externally adjustable for compression, rebound and spring pre-load
  • Adjustable ride height


  • Front twin Brembo 320mm high carbon stainless steel discs, with Brembo 4 piston calipers
  • Rear Brembo 220mm disc with Brembo 2 piston caliper


  • Front 36 spoke 3.50 x 17 rim with 120/70 tyre
  • Rear 40 spoke 5.00 x 17 rim with 180/55 tyre

General Specifications

  • Dry weight – 452 lbs
  • 4.5 U.S. gallon fuel capacity
  • 813mm (32in) seat height
  • 1420mm wheelbase

Although the new Norton 961 engines remind us of the forward canted twins of the Norton models from the 60’s and 70’s, the new engines have been designed and engineered in the 21st century. Today’s Norton 18° Canted Twin features:

  • · Hydraulic valve actuation
  • · Roller rocker arms
  • · Nikasil cylinders
  • · Dry sump
  • · Gear driven counter balancer
  • · Cassette gearbox
  • · 270° crank shaft
  • · Forged connecting rods
  • · Computer controlled fuel injection.

Beyond the technical specifications, Norton engines are engineered to be robust and efficient, and are designed to deliver the unique pleasure of refined British Roadster power. Hydraulic valve actuation means no valve adjustments, and that keeps the cost of maintenance low. With fuel injection and computer control, you turn the key, push the button, and happily ride away.

Chassis and running gear

​The Norton reputation for superior road-holding is legendary, and continues by building a chassis of the finest materials with real world geometry and settings. Norton frames are crafted in-house at our Castle Donington factory from cold drawn 1 inch diameter, .08″ wall thickness European steel. The frame also acts as the oil reservoir for the dry sump engine. Road manners are further enhanced by employing confidence inspiring and fully adjustable Ohlins suspension both front and rear, while braking tasks are handled by premier Brembo calipers, discs and master cylinders.